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Principles of Leadership

Approximately 2600 years ago,
Confucius earnestly studied the ancient literature of his time to answer the question;

"What makes some empires prosper, and what makes some decline?"

The essence of his conclusions make up the following three texts.

After traveling most of his life to offer advice for reform to the rulers of his time, Confucius died disappointed, thinking he had not accomplished what he had wished. After 200 years however, it became apparent that those fortunate enough to have access to his teachings were becoming predominate leaders of their period. About 1100 AD after observing for 1700 years the effects of these texts on rulers who sincerely studied and applied their principles, the Chinese made the knowledge of these books mandatory for anyone with leadership ambitions in China, thus ushering in the beginning of one of the most magnificent periods of government in human history.

The Timeless Principles contained in these books remains relevant today.

Anyone with ambitions for leadership, whether small or large, would do well to study these documents and apply the principles contained therein in all of their human relations, from the immediate family to the governing of the world.

1.  Lun Yu (499 sayings of Confucius)  PDF

2.  The Great Learning  PDF

3.  The Doctrine of the Mean  PDF

4. All 3 Books in Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 format