Janet Baker-Fine Art

I inherited artistic talent from both sides of my family.  What an amazing gift!  My maternal grandmother was a painter and my father was a draftsman as well as an artist and multiple medium craftsman.

I attended Stephen F. Austin University as a Premedical Illustration Major adding skills to the talent. I worked twenty-three years as a scientific/technical illustrator.  During those years I worked for The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Hospital, Texas Instruments and, the last seventeen, for The University of Texas at Austin Zoology Department. 

I worked during a transition period in the history of producing graphics for publication.  When I first started, all work was produced by hand in pen and ink.   In 1984 I was given my first Macintosh. After a huge learning curve, the computer was almost like having an extra person working for me.  Over the years as the computers became more powerful, all graphs were produced using the computer as were many of the illustrations. 

My career with UT ended when I married a Canadian and moved to Haida Gwaii BC in 1996.  In Canada I worked mostly as a pharmacy technician until my early retirement in 2007.  Retirement has given me the opportunity to return to illustrating and painting.

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